trying to be a first time customer, nothing but issues so far with everything imaginable

Hi, I signed up to start verizon service for Friday december 27th. I did this online and here is what has happened so far: i confirmed i wanted it at 2-4 pm at my new house, after clicking confirm it told me i set up 10-12 pm. I called and actually talked to someone surprisingly, they told me their system says 2-4 pm. okay fine, i got a text today (december 26th) "hi its verizon, are you ready for your installation tomorrow at 10-12 pm? so I call 1800verizon again and wait 1.5 hours and still have not talked to anyone. I tried going on the website and clicking change appointment. it says we've encountered an error please call 1800verizon. So I try from my phone, same thing. error, please call. So I try from the my fios APP. same thing, error, please call.

So I tried the online chat again which i had no luck with before. I got someone. She looked in her system it says 2-4 pm. I ask "why am I getting texts that say 10-12?" she says she doesn't know but she let the Verizon team know and they will try to fix it. I tell her I've been on the phone for an hour and a half with no answer. she sends me the link for the support call back. well first there is no category for what i'm trying to fix but inputting any category and subtopic yields a spinning red circle that never finishes so you can never even request a call back. I try going through support contact us and clicking the message now or even the phone feature after selecting my type of issue and nothing ever happens. it takes you no where and doesn't open up anything. this is absolutely insane to go through all of this without even being a customer yet, I;m afraid what i might go through once I am a customer.

Re: trying to be a first time customer, nothing but issues so far with everything imaginable

All of this could have been avoided if you just look at spending the day and not assigned hours at home. Never ever try to make changes because it causes conflicts and then mix in people and you will be lucky to get installed at all on that day.

hopefully it was installed