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Business vs Personal account confusion

So I drive part time for UberEats and through them i get a 15 percent discount on my Verizon bill.  However, I recently got contacted saying I have to renew the discound, and doing it through the uber app didn't work because their link is broken, and when i do it through my computer Uber's link works, but when i got to Verizon's website their website freezes when it got to the part where it confirms my information.  I tried calling verizon about it last week but they said to contact uber about it since they handel the discounts internally, but uber's support was not helpful either.

So over the weekend I was down in New York (I live in Connecticut) and while i was going with a friend to the verizon store there because she had an issue with her phone, I asked them about the discount issue and he said he didn't know what to do but he offered to put me on a business unlimited plan since uber drivers are techinally business owners for $55 a month all i needed to do was to get a Verizon device that was like an OnStar and it would be $45 a month for the business unlimited and $10 a month for the OnStar device.  He said that all I would nead is my ID numbers on my 1099 form.  I declined his offer because I already have OnStar service that i get through my Cheavy Car.

However, I thought about it more and I realized that if I go with this offer I would be able to cancel the OnStar service in my car so I would save money plus get unlimited data on my phone.  So today I visited the Verizon store near me and the rep there said you can't just do a business account with a 1099 you need to be registered or have an LLC or Schedule C, etc.  Both stores I went to are corprate stores.  So here are my questions-

1.  Does it depend on the Sales Rep you see on what qualifies as a business?  the one i saw in New York did tell me not many other Verizon Reps know how to set up Uber Drivers on a business account.

2. If the rep in New York was compltly wrong and there are other requirements, what are they?  I saw on my town's website that you can register a trade name with the town then get a state and federal tax ID number.  Would this be sufficent enough to open a business account?

Thanks in advance for your responses.  

Re: Business vs Personal account confusion
Customer Support

It’s fantastic to be aware of all the discounts you qualify for, and how they can affect your overall needs, tristanm228. You are in a great spot to get some information regarding business accounts. Please review the available plans here and then select your preferred contact method at the bottom of the page if this is the right solution.


I want to shed a little more light on one comment you made, though. We no longer affiliate with OnStar, and do not offer any service that encompasses all that OnStar does, so you will want to carefully consider what you use OnStar for before considering canceling that service.


We always want you to be in the know, so you can make informed decisions. You can review our consumer plans here: and you can see more about our discount programs, including how to revalidate or re-apply, here:



Re: Business vs Personal account confusion

Driving for Uber does not classify. You don't own Uber and are treated as an employee as far as the discounts work. Said percentage only work on non-unlimited data plans.


Rep you spoke with at first is also full of it. You only get those lower prices if you had a min of 4 lines. The HUM device is also not an alternative to OnStar. In fact, that rep was being super shady trying to get comission while sticking you with a 2 year contract on equipment that you do not need. That's comission fraud and one of the reasons I do not trust sales reps.

Re: Business vs Personal account confusion

Driving for Uber does allow u have your own business account (: because you are considered a sole proprietor hope this helps I work for Verizon ❤️