Cash only
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The checking account I was using to pay  Verizon for my phone plan had closed before Verizon could pull the money out of the account which resulted in my account being "cash only". I went to purchase a tablet and pay cash for it with a new line but unfortunately  Verizon would not allow it because of being "cash only". Not sure if u know how angry off that can make a person but I promise the scale was high. Now I've been with Verizon for several years which I have paid them alot of money for phone service. I have paid my Verizon bill every month granted I've been late a few times but they still got their money for each month. Being told that I am not aloud to purchase a tablet with CASH or get an additional line for a tablet because of 1 returned payment is ridiculous I'm being treated like a child. I do not have the funds to pay for the tablet up front for a 2 year contract. If this CASH only garbage is not taken off my account the same day u are reading this than I would like my service canceled and I will take my business some place else.

Re: Cash only
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customer of decades for multiple wireless, cable, and landline accounts.  No late payments.  They sold me a phone yesterday, deactivated my old phone, but refuse to give me my (paid and activated already) device even with all correct ID and credit card used.  This company is taking it to a new low.