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I would like to file a complaint regarding the customer service I have received from Verizon.  This has all been been documented.

On 09/28/19 My husband and I went to the local verizon store.  I needed to update my phone as it was not working properly.  My first concern was my father's voice messages being saved as he passed away 8 months ago.  Thankfully the representive (Julie) was able to save the messages so two new phones were purchased (my husband also upgraded his phone.).  When it was time to pay, we did purchase a few items for the new phone, Julie stated that her computer went down and that we needed to redo the payment.  No problem, my husband used our debit card again.  

On Monday 09/30/19 after balancing my check book it was found that two payments went thru our account....two diffrent amounts....$387.00 and $395.00.  I immedately called 611 (verizon) was on hold for 28 minutes.  Once on the line a gentleman was assisting me when the call was disconnected.  He had texted me apologizing for the disconnection and stated he would call back momentarily.  After 45 minute wait I called verizon again...placed on hold for another 23 minutes, once the person came on the line and I explained what the problem was, he placed me on hold to check some information and again the call was disconnected.  By this time I'm getting very frusterated, and having my small grandchildren with me for the day was making it more frusterating.  So once again I called verizon after ANOTHER 31 minute wait to be told there is nothing they could do as the purchases were made at an independant verizon store.  I didn't understand this at all as my husband and I thought we were at the verizon store.  So now I'm upset almost 2 hrs has passed and i was feeling I was getting the run around

So now it's to call the store.....tried 6 times with in a 2 hour period, the phone only one picked up.  So now pack two small children into the car and drive into the store to see what can be done.  After 2 hrs there and no one is able to really assist, I was told I could have called into the store.  When I explained to Luis that I did try to call numerous times he stated that they have been busy and he was sure someone would have called.  So i called the store on my phone, placed it on speaker and showed him that no one was answering the phone, he apologized....I was asked numerous times did the charges actually go thru my bank account, even after showing the copy of my bank statement, that the company will find the mistake and reimburse me to I will call you once we get some answers as to what happend.

So now its Tuesday October 1, 2019 4 pm and still havent heard from anyone from verizon....I did call the store and yes it was answered, I had to leave a message for Luis to call me back.  He did and he told me it could take days to hear back.  He stated the representive that sold me the phones was in and that she was sorry this happened.

I did  have my bank call the store to verify the amounts that were taken from my account, when I spoke with Luis he stated there is nothing anyone can do at this time.

I don't know about anyone else, but $395 is alot of money to be take out of someones account on an error, and then told it "will be taken care of" "not sure when or how long it will take".  I am furious right now as I was asked if I would like to purchase a tablet for $1.00, $40.00 activation fee, 20% off the cover and $10.00 a month fee.....really I'm trying to get my money back and you are going to try and sell me something.  I already purchased $387 worth of products 3 days ago!!!



Re: Complaint
Customer Support

CCyr2, this is definitely alarming to read. On behalf of Verizon Wireless, we apologize for everything that has taken place. A mistake of double charging you is not something we take lightly & as a customer myself, I can understand you being upset. Your time in contacting us is appreciated & we regret that it was a longer wait time. It is now a few days from when you posted this & we hope that this has been resolved. If it has not, we suggest contacting the store manager to get an answer to this, as you are right, $395 is a lot of money.  AliciaD_VZW