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I have been a loyal verizon customer for 8 years. I switched from T-mo / Sprint / ATT due to constantly traveling and needing a service which worked anywhere I went. 

I have 5 family members on my account.

I was amazed at the difference, no dropped calls, no dead spots. Off the plane reboot and everything works. 

Until a few years ago in my area I started to notice service not being available. 

Recently dead spots started to appear, things that I never used to notice in my imediate area. 

I contactated Verizon and was told that we have 24 towers in our area and I should have 0 issues. 

I then got a followup stating that we live in a "spotty coverage area". - Laughable.. 

Our areas topography has not changed, we did not get new housing or developments that are causing interferance, we have the latest devices and the service within a 15 minute radius has become unusable / undependable.

This was never the case, so I asked is this congestion? Was told no. Did Verizon lose a tower lease? (was not answered). Is it because of device priority on the towers? Does VZ own the towers in the area or are they leased? 

Verizon even sent out technician to measure the signal strength etc, and after everything I got the typical marketting answer in the mail of we are sorry you are experiencing this however " we are doing everything we can to improve" and blah blah more verbal vomit, no reason, no explanation nothing. This is the type of answer which you hide behind when you have a problem but dont want to admit it.

After 8 years of paying a premium for your services im done. Its a shame, nothing here has changed in the area, so what happened to you @GD0405?? Why the loss of quality? Why the loss of signal? Can someone please provide a real answer, not the one fed to the sheeple? 

Over the past year I started to see the same thing along the PA to NJ / New York coridor. Dropped calls, areas that have 0 data, etc. Verizon used to be so reliable one would think with the premiums you are charging for the service it would live up to its name. 

Re: Coverage Quality / Declining 18966
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@VZWsupport care to take a stab at a REAL answer before I take my family and business contracts from Verizon and start exploring other options?