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Deceased MIL and Verizon will not help
Enthusiast - Level 1

Who can help???

My MIL passed away in December, and my husband, who is the executor of her will (and has papers to prove it, as well as a death certificate) can NOT get Verizon to cooperate with his mother's final bill.  They have sent an amount.  He is asking for the details (ie, how much for what), and a box to return equipment that was on a payment plan that we don't need or want to keep.

Verizon's answer?  They can't do that BECAUSE HE"S NOT ON THE ACCOUNT!  Of course he's not on his dead mother's account!  Do grown adults regularly put their kids on their account in case they up and die?  THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

He has literally spent 30+ hours on this.  He has been to the store 4 times (once for over an hour while they tried to help), talked to numerous people on the phone and on the chat feature....lets not even talk about how it's a good thing he's a Verizon customer (not for much longer), or he would have had an even more difficult time trying to talk to people about this!  Everyone is nice enough and says they are sorry for his loss, and then proceeds to tell him that they can't help because he's not on the account.  SERIOUSLY??  Eventually they tell him they will send the bill and/or the box, but it never comes....i think they just give up and SAY it to get rid of him because they don't know what to do.

HOW do we get this fixed?  I mean, why would we just send Verizon over $300 because they "said" that's what she owes?  WHY can he not see a breakdown of what this is?  And WHY can he not have a box to return her equipment??  Honestly, if he hears one more time that it's because he's not on the account, he's going to lose his mind.  There are enough other things in the world that need to be done when a mother dies.  This should not be something he is dealing with FOUR MONTHS later!


Re: Deceased MIL and Verizon will not help
Enthusiast - Level 1

My Mother died 1/17/2021. I took the proper steps laid out on Verizon's website (see link)

Verizon contacted me via email and asked that I respond with a copy of the death certificate and gave me instructions on what to type in subject line and what to type in the body of the email. As my Mother's PR, I had access to those documents and have now sent them 3 times to the email Verizon supplied to me:    [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]


They will probably remove the email address above. It can be found by going to the first link above. The suffix is Verizon Wireless dot com with no spaces. wfm certificate verification is the beginning of the email address (with no spaces). 

One would think that my due diligence and quick response time would have resulted in an easy termination of her account. Sadly, NO. It is now 5 months later, and although I paid my Mother's final bill balance and have sent the requested legal documents on 3 separate occasions, contacted them by phone, by email and by U.S. Mail; they have turned her account over to a collection agency, even after telling me that her account was closed, paid in full and docs were verified. I will need to hand over to my attorney at some point. Trying to grieve the death of a parent and deal with this type of apathetic behavior from Verizon Wireless (after I too have been a loyal customer for decades, including our business phones)...well, it may just be time to find another cell carrier.  I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this type of thing. I dealt with over 20 different companies, closing accounts at the time of my Mother's death. ONLY VERIZON has created an issue for me. I hope you get things handled on your end. It is heartbreaking to try and manage this type of unnecessary aggravation when you are already going through so much. I hope the links above help you. If not, at least it creates a concise paper trail of your efforts if you have to dispute it in court. Best wishes. I am sorry for your loss. 

Re: Deceased MIL and Verizon will not help
Specialist - Level 2

So sad they are making it so hard.  Before my Mom passed years ago I got myself on her bank accounts and an authorized person on her health insurance, cable bill and stuff.  That way if she went in the hospital or passed and I needed to do things I could.  Verizon wireless allows this as my husbsnd is the main account and I am allowed to add and remove services.