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Disconnected After Making Arrangement

I have been dealing with this for months. I have 7 lines and I have made arrangements with financial services with automatic scheduled payments. They have multiple times went on to send me messages that if I didn't pay the full amount due that day I would be disconnected. Last month they went ahead and on top of taking the payment set up they also tried to take the full balance. It got returned and caused multiple other bills I paid to get returned. So I got charged a return fee by Verizon and by my bank as well as return fees for the 3 other bills I tried to pay. 

So I have spent too many days to count for at least 3+ hours on the chat then live agents and financial services, one day no joke it added up to 5 hours. They reword things back to appease me as if I am stupid. They have charged me disconnect fees without the disconnect. Somehow even thoughI have lowered my plans, made all arranged payments, and have saved documents and screenshots and names and dates of who I spoke to, my bill gets higher. They charged me over $600 in the past 2 months for fees on the phone calls and reconnects that never happened. There is no place to send copies of documents I have received from Verizon stating changes made and charges coming up. I was told the other day that one of the lines I suspended to try to reduce my bill was set up to suspend but pay the full monthly charge for that line. I have the email confirming the change with the $10 monthly with suspended line, but she told me I "misunderstood" and I set up a suspended but pay. Who would do that? 

Between my mother and I, we merged accounts when she moved in, we have been with Verizon for 25+ years. My mother worked for Verizon as a department supervisor and this all apparently means nothing. Verizon no longer cares about their customers. There are a few individuals who care and try to help, but Verizon just wipes out any record of the agreements made. It all went to "he double hockey sticks" (banned from all negative words on here) in a handbasket when AT&T acquired Verizon Wireless. They have always had the worst customer service. I switched from them years ago because of their service and constant increases in cost. They took over Directv after I had them for years. That company had amazing customer service and reasonable prices until AT&T came along. They doubled the prices and the customer service was nonexistent. I left that company. 

As soon as my last few devices are paid off, we are leaving Verizon. I am done with the promises and the fraud. I am quite sure that this will get a response like everyone else on the message boards about how they value us as customers, they understand how awful it is to go through these things, how they would be upset too, and to please call or contact privately. I have taken De-escalation Training. It is textbook lies to attempt to calm you down a get you to back down.

If you are reading this, please go look at all of your previous bills online. Add up the extra charges that they have loaded onto your account. I'm quite sure they are doing it to as many people as they can get away with.

I'm done with my rant for now, but I will be spending more time on the phone fighting with them this week. Good luck to you all.

Re: Disconnected After Making Arrangement
Customer Support

We don't want to see you go, @Pdubry. I do understand that a lot has been going on however we would not bill you for charges that were not accumulated. You do have the past 12 months available online from My Verizon if you wanted to check out detailed copies of our bills and we also have our payment history available online as well.



Re: Disconnected After Making Arrangement

I have no doubt that you believe what you are stating is true and accurate. It is not. I have printed all statements gone over them in detail with my calculator. I have also saved and printed screenshots from my chats with customer service and documents emailed to me. I have names, dates and times with notes for each phone conversation. I would not say something on a public forum unless I was sure it was true. I had a payment agreement and removing of charges such as the reconnect fee. First they did not honor the agreement by dropping any of those charges. Then they took my arranged payment out of my bank followed by attempting to take an unauthorized electronic payment from my bank for over $1700. It was returned by my bank after causing payments I made to other companies bounce and I was charged by my bank for reach one, by these companies, and Verizon charged me $30. I got repeated threats that Verizon would disconnect me if I didn't pay in full. I spoke to multiple people. Funny how most of my arrangement was not showing in my account and to top it off they put in an investigation ticket and it was not looked at but just disappeared. This is the 3rd time Verizon has made a payment arrangement and did whatever they wanted. 

You are welcome to say I'm wrong and act like I don't understand and that these things never happened because your computer says so. Maybe Verizon should stop treating customers like they are stupid and don't understand how to do the math. I believe that every one of the Verizon customers on the forum are very intelligent and understand perfectly to the penny. That is why we are all here. You might want to look at who you work for. Verizon has unethical business practices and I for one will not back down and just let it go.