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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Contact Verizon Via Email To File Complaint?

After months and months of battling with them, they issued a credit for 160.00 for erroneous charges - this was on the 27th of August.   I have the documentation to back it up.  On this new bill that I just received via email, that credit is nowhere to be found, PLUS they have added more charges on lines that I needed temporarily suspended and was PROMISED would be suspended for 9.99 per each of the 2 lines. ( I have 3 lines total)

I have all supporting documentation that go back MONTHS.  I have a PDF copy of the credit that was issued by Verizon for the 160.00, chat logs printed off and saved, screen shots, etc.  When calling Verizon, they play dumb....and/or disconnect the calls....accidentally.  A few hours, I was on a live chat and once I requested that the chat be emailed to me, the chat dropped.   After that, I was no longer able to access live chat.  (screen shots and Verizon messages are saved and printed, as I plan on contacting the BBB, Attorney General and News Media on Monday)  I have been ill for a while now and Verizon has done nothing short of making my life a living heck to endure on top of what is going on.  I am not asking for preferential treatment or special favors.   As a customer of 16 years, I have always paid my bills...and will always pay what is FAIR AND DUE...but no more of their extortionist tactics will I tolerate.   

Their repeated harassment and LIES (just to get me off of the phone) have taken their toll.  The tactics they employ are to conveniently disconnect chats, leaving your only option to phone calls where they promise you the moon, only to break each and every promise.  After all, it is their word against ours.

If someone/ANYONE knows where to guide me, I would greatly appreciate it.  16 years and they treat me like total garbage....I have had enough.


Thank you for your time..and sorry if this was too long...I'm just very upset.  

Re: Does Anyone Know Where I Can Contact Verizon Via Email To File Complaint?

You didn't mention what this erroneous charge was in that entire body. All I got out of it is you wanting a $160 credit without explaining what that was supposed to be for.

As for suspends, you only get up to 90 days at $10 before it charges in full. If you have phone payments, those continue to charge normally.

Re: Does Anyone Know Where I Can Contact Verizon Via Email To File Complaint?

Just like the other carriers, no email is available as email is not used for customer service.

You can call or use chat.   

You can file a BBB complaint.  But that sends your complaint to Verizon upper management.  They will contact you and either fix it, or explain what part of the terms of service don’t require them to do so.