Existing Customer Loyalty - Severely Lacking
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have been a loyal VZW customer for years - and with Cellular One prior to its aquisition by VZW. So basically over 20 years with the same company.

I want to know why existing customers can't get the same deals on new iPhones as new customers. I mean, a customer is a customer - whether new or retained. And I don't buy the line that a new customer is a larger investment than an existing customer. that's like telling me my money (that you get in my monthly bill) isn't worth as much as a new customer.

If customers jump ship to another carrier for a better phone deal, you have lost customers. And new customers basically replace existing customers. Doesn't seem like a good business model to have your long time customer base leave because you aren't not offering the same deals as for new customers. These new customers will quickly jump ship when their "deal" runs out - cause that's basically why they are here to begin with (coming from another carrier who didn't value them).

You want to grow the business, treat existing customers like they matter. And don't hide the deals in emails you send only to those who sign up or have them on one day - offer the deals every day, like you do to lure new customers in.

If you were offering your existing customers the same deals as new customers, you would actually same major dollars in advertising too - existing customers would happily share that they are valued and that their friends should sign up for new service because VZW know how to treat ALL their customers.

The higher ups ar Verizon need to step up and show that they value their existing customer base.