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How can I be sure that the trade in quote for my device will be honored?

I got a quote of $440 to trade in my iphone X when buying my new phone. I have not sent in my old phone yet but now I am worried after reading so many posts about getting something like $15 for a perfectly good phone. Then when they asked for their phone back they were unable to get it. Most of these posts used the word SCAM. I don't want this to happen to me.

Re: How can I be sure that the trade in quote for my device will be honored?

There is no way unfortunately of knowing for sure. I was quoted one thing and sent the phone in. Mind you the phone was in an otterbox protective case from day one, I had the case before the phone as it was for my son and I wanted to make sure it was not broken. I had purchased a phone for him and he broke the camera glass on the first one, so that phone was replaced so, the case was on hand and ready to go to ensure no issues with the replacement. I also had an extra screen protector on it from day one. The phone looked brand new. I sent it back, received two credits for the amount that I was quoted, you have to wait a billing period or two before you see those. After that, I received an email from Verizon stating that the trade in device did not meet the requirements and that the trade in amount would be adjusted as well as charging me the difference of the credits already given on my next phone bill. To me it seems that it would have had to have been verified before they issued the credits or there would be no reason to have to wait for those initial billing periods for it to be returned, checked and verified. Just charge the difference later if there were issues. Regardless, I have since pre-ordered an unlocked version of the z fold 3 and will decide if I am now going to just take a full loss on the trade in they somehow found issues with after issues credits and just pay off the S-21 I bought for my son as well as other devices and drop Verizon completely. The issue with the last trade in along with the service issues has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I had reported little to no service while at work for all employees that have Verizon service while I am at work last November and nothing has been done to correct it. I have had people take screen shots showing that they have called me 5 times in a row but, yet my phone shows no call coming from them, missed, voicemail or other. The fact that I can sit at work searching for a signal while someone with T-Mobile service is streaming live TV shows how far Verizon has fallen. The poor signal quality does not warrant the rates they charge and with the latest mystery reasons for why I'm not receiving basically half of what I was quoted is more than enough reason for me to begin searching for a different provider. If you can afford to pay for the phone without the trade in and you can then get most of what they offered by selling on swappa or some other site, I would say that may be a safer bet. If not go ahead and send it in. I have never had an issue with not getting the amount quoted until this last experience. They did change the terms and spread out the credits over 36 months rather than the 24 months I was quoted but, it worked out to the same total overall so, wasn't a big deal. Giving me half of what as quoted is a big deal and just seemed underhanded with the way they did it. Good Luck!

Re: How can I be sure that the trade in quote for my device will be honored?
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