How do I email or submit a complaint?
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I've heard about Verizon's legendarily bad customer service, and I've experienced some frustrating episodes before, but it wasn't until this morning that I fully appreciated how awful it can be to deal with Verizon Wireless.  The only thing that keeps me from leaving is that ATT is probably not much better. 

After finally resolving my issue this morning (not the way I want to spend a Saturday morning), I asked the customer service rep to provide me with an email address so that I could submit a complaint and inquire as to how to avoid such unpleasantness in the future.  I was put on hold for five minutes, only to be told that there was no email address, but that I could use the "leave feedback" option on the website.  First, why did this take five minutes? Second, why doesn't Verizon Wireless, a communications company, have an email address to allow customers to communicate with them.  Just wondering.  Third, I cannot find that option.  Please point me in the right direction.  Fourth, please tell your automated message thingy to stop calling me.  It's ridiculously hard to get through to Verizon when I want to, and when I want to be left alone I keep getting unwanted calls.  It's like Verizon is taunting me.   I could go on, but at some point I have to get on with my day. 

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Re: How do I email or submit a complaint?
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You cannot email them. First question answered.

To file a complaint go to and they will someone from Executive Escalatations call you. Second question answered.

Please be aware what do you see coming out of complaining? You will tell another verizon wireless employee that you were not treated as you believe you should have been. They make a note or not and you hang up. Being totally deceived and relieved. They don't care. You are just one complaint/customer out of 120 million other customers.

The phone call is a satisfaction survey. Follow the instructions and they stop. It is quite easy.

Good Luck

Re: How do I email or submit a complaint?

My thoughts exactly! I have been wandering this website for an hour after paying my bill trying to tell them to stop harassing me with texts and phone calls when I am one week late paying a bill. I pay them always before the next one comes out and they are merciless and try to answer the automated call!? worthless customer relations!

Re: How do I email or submit a complaint?
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Their tech support is horrible.... ive been with them for 19 years and i miss the old days when they had techs in their corp stores..  now all their tech supports consist of is..  1) replace your phone 2) replace your sim card..  if you have a issue that is out side of the box.. you are (removed). ... ive been dealing with tech support almost every day for 5 weeks.. they put in trouble tickets. the people who do the trouble tickets dont read them and give a blanket reply of....  the issue is due to the customers house.. meanwhile im complaining of issues not only inside my house.. but OUTSIDE of my house as well. so they instantly say.. network extender needed.. i said to them.. the network extender will reach  miles from my house?  even the tier 2 techs are saying the network techs are NOT reading their notes.. they cant be.. cause their answers make no sense.. but this is the support i get regardless.  when they run out of options. they say... we are sending you another phone.. i said.. you realize we are getting close to 10 right??   bottom line is. the biggest cellphone provider does nothing more than throw phones and sim cards at you when you have issues..    like everything now a days.. no on actually works on anything.. they just replace it..

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Re: How do I email or submit a complaint?
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OMG I have gone through the same thing going by what you described I felt as if I was reading my own notes that I have taken throughout this rollarcoaster journey i have had with verizon.  I also had very bad experience with a local verizon store that i now i am told  isnt an authroized verizon dealer even thought they have a hugh verizon sign out front.  My biggest complaint is that when i finally connect with the right department is that there is no way to send them screen shots or proof that my phone is having issues...and when they have sent me replacements through the insurance co all but we referbished.  The last time i upgraded i thought they were doing it through the insurance co since it was still under warranty and instead i ended up with making payments on a new phone.  You might be thinking i could have just turned around and walked out....not so easy i was in there for a couple hours they were had my old phone they switched everything over and by that time the store was closing...what could i do i needed my phone for work or not go to work and that was not an option. .. im looking forward to reading others replies and if anyone had any advise im all ears.