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I am patiently waiting for customer service call-back. Going on 6 hours now and NO CALL! Verizon Lies!!!

Seriously Verizon, do you care about anyone anymore???  I have been cheated and blatently lied to by your customer service reps.  Wed the rep PROMISED to research my promised credit from a prior service rep due to an overcharge incident (by the way you direct debited my checking account over $850 dollars today as I am waiting to get this matter cleared up).  I am frustrated, and NO LONGER TRUST you after nearly 20 years with your service.  The HOURS I have spent on hold and in conversation are unreasonable and I do not deserve that kind of treatment from anyone.  My time is just as valuable as yours and whoever is training your service reps needs to be fired along with the reps.  Here's my situation.......Oh Verizon, are you reading and listening?????  I ordered new phones 7 MONTHS ago and expereinced problems with Verizon that took until the end of September to get (what I thought was) straightened out and now the issues are not resolved.  In summary, Verizon accepted my payment, gave me receipt and tracking number but never sent the phones TWICE back in late April/early May.  My card was charged in full for the purchases I made.  After not sending the phones Verizon cancelled my order because they couldn't determine why I wasnt getting my order.  The service person back in May was really helpful and said a refund would be sent and I should reorder and she would make sure I did not receive any delivery fee, upgrade fee or accessory charge as I was upgrading 5 phones.  She then went on maternity leave so was gone.  No credit ever was posted so when I called again the person I spoke to refused to issue any refund because my order was cancelled (even though I had paid for the phones, had the receipt to prove it and had the charge showing on my bank statement) so I had to file a dispute with my bank before I received my money back.  I had to do the leg work to get my refund as Verizon washed their hands of it.  This wasn't cleared up until September.  I gave Verizon another chance to stay as my network/cell provider and the person I spoke to on Sept 28th was very nice and understanding.  She read my file and stated she was there to assist and would make good on all that I had been promised.  After another 3 1/2 hours on the phone to re-order the phones and amidst a very definite PROMISE that I would not pay any upgrade fees, no shipping AND receive my accessories without charge because of all the problems that their mix-up caused I now have my phones and items but they charged my account over $550 for the accessories.   I did see the delivery fee and upgrade were waived.   When I called to ask about those charges  was told by the customer service rep that the credit was sitting on my account ready to be applied when my Oct bill was rolled out.  Well, as you guessed, that never happened and now when I called to resolve this as the bill was due today I have been told by customer service they would never grant that level of free items and who was I to expect they would.  The 2 people I have spoken to this past week have been so rude and disrespectful that they should be ashamed of themselves.  They have made this out to make me look bad when I was the one promised these items by the ONE customer service rep that seemed like she knew what she was doing and cared about assisting customers and this info was then validated by the person I ordered the phones from in September.   The customer service rep that promised these items stated she was providing these items because clearly something beyond my control occurred on the Verizon end and I should never have had to wait that long for phones.    After nearly 20 years with Verizon I am totally fed up with apparently being lied to by Verizon employees in the customer service area.  Doesn't anyone care about honesty and fulfilling what was promised to the customer anymore?  A quality business shouldn't be about seeing how you can manipulate and cheat customers.  I was raised with morals and values.  When I am promised something I expect to receive those goods and services.  I didn't become your customer so that I could be cheated on and lied to.  When can I expect a resolution to this issue?    

Re: I am patiently waiting for customer service call-back. Going on 6 hours now and NO CALL! Verizon Lies!!!

Really? It definitely doesn't sound like you're patiently waiting! lies!

I am patiently waiting for customer service call-back. Going on 6 hours now...
Customer Support

PHDx2, we truly value your loyalty to Verizon Wireless for the past 20+ years. We want to have the chance to turn things around once and for all. This concern has been going on far too long. I do want to apologize for all that has been taking place. We want to be consistent with the information and details that we provide to our customers. I'm sorry that no one called you back as we promised. So we can get more details on your account, I've sent you a Private Message. I'm looking forward to working with you. KevinR_VZW