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No Retention Help - I Was Just Ignored

Hello all -

Just to say here, because I don't know where else to go to say this, I feel very ignored. My situation is unique, as I'm sure all of ours' are, but when those unique situations are brought to a company that is as large as Verizon, the ability to make decisions on a case-by-case is lost.

My story is simple: I got behind on my account because of an error my bank made. Yes, it's in my sphere of influence, but not by my direct action. I was limping along, trying to make good. I had one last (rather large) payment to make, and low and behold, another issue. This one, I don't knw what to think. I feel a bit cursed.

I call in today to Financial Services, and get someone who couldn't have cared less about my situation. He gave me three different answers, and when I asked if I could speak to a supervisor (yeah, a Karen move, but this is important), I was put on hold and then the rep came back and told me that a supervisor wouldn't take my call.

I live in the last acre of the middle of nowhere. I can't bring proof to a Verizon store, or case to get the account current where the problem is solved, even if I did have that much cash, which I don't. When I was told, basically, to "bring cash or we could care less about you" as a customer, I am just stunned.

Does Verizon really care so little about its customers? I just need a phone. I'm hours from any large city, with a child, and this is what I get. Thanks Verizon.


Re: No Retention Help - I Was Just Ignored
Customer Support

i2iproductions, I can't live without my phone and have a small child of my own. I know first hand how much stress bank issues can cause. I am here to help and get you on the right path to get this issue resolved. My goal is to get you on the right path for the best resolution. I want you to be able to make sure you have a store in your area. You can check to see if we have a corporate store here: The corporate stores are the ones with the star. The last thing we want is for you to feel you are being ignored. I want to get some more information. What did financial services actually say? Can you please explain exactly what you are experiencing with your service?  SantoC_VZW