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I have spent many hours on hold and in endless voice mail loops every day since Friday (five days). Last Friday I requested a mobile phone number change, which was supposed to be accomplished easily and almost immediately. I am a realtor--and like many independent business people, I cannot be without a phone. No phone = losing business. My old mobile number stopped working and the new one did not activate. I have to use a landline or someone else's mobile to call in for help. Every single day I have been told the correction would happen very soon--hopefully that same day or worst case, overnight. Each morning I get up, and the phone is still not working. I start the whole endless holding and voice mail looping over again. Yesterday I was finally transferred to some sort of advanced tech customer service person, who practically promised me he was my savior. He said he had the problem in hand, that the issue should be resolved that day--he and his team were working on it as we spoke. He said I should not talk to anyone else in customer service in case they would disrupt the work that his team was doing. He told me I could be in direct contact with him--and he emailed me his direct email address, and there was an 800 number, too. He said he was making note of all the trouble I had and would take up the issue of compensation, as well as fixing my problem. Well, here it is 24 hours later, and still no service. I have emailed him twice--and no response. I called the 800 number--and it's the exact same hold/loop situation. Finally got a human. She had no idea how to reach this man who promised me the moon--or at least a working cell number. Not only that, the only notes he put in my account are "working on number change problem." WHERE ARE YOU, JAMES GILLESPIE?