Please Help! My bill is crazy!
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I literally added each number listed on the bill, and it does not equal the bold total! It appears that my bill for February, which is when I signed up, is over by $217.26.

I got 3 phones, one is supposed to be free, and I was not told free meant they would charge the money each month, and the refund that back. What a ridiculous and confusing way to do that. There is No way, even with taxes, activation fees, and the accesories, that any of this adds up to the charges.

Not only that, but I had my service/devices for 2 months, have paid them 3x trying to pay that down, and they still hit me with a late fee of $10.

I feel lied to, scammed, manipulated, and taken advantage of. AND I feel trapped with the restocking fees, and crazy charges all over my bill.

Someone help me with this please?

Re: Please Help! My bill is crazy!
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Can you please provide more information about your bill? What plan do you have? Device payment amounts? Which line is supposed to have the bill credits for the free device? Insurance? Taxes and regulatory fees? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.