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Poor tech support and customer service

Verizon Customer Service

To whom this may concern;

This letter is in regards to an incident or set of circumstances that started on April 27th 2020 and finally ended on June 2nd 2020. On the weekend ending the 26th of April I was in an area that had no service as I am quite often and where voice mails and visual voice mails are not received unless I call my number to do so. Once I am back in a service area I usually have to restart my phone for my visual voice mail to be able to work again and any voice mails that have been received while out of service come up.

On April 27th I went into the Verizon store in Westminster Colorado located at 7321 Sheridan Blvd. for help. The first sales clerk I worked with went through the phone quite extensively and finally came to the conclusion that the processor in my Motorola Droid Z2 was no good so I would need a new phone, please keep in mind that this phone was only a year or so old.

So I paid the $141.00 to upgrade to a Motorola Z4 which is supposed to the better phone. Three weeks goes by with me going out of service and back again with very little issues, sometimes I had to restart the phone twice to get it to work but it would. On the weekend of the 23rd of May it went out and never came back so as soon as I could back to the store again which was the 26th of May. I spent 1-1/2 hours with a store rep who did everything he could to help and that night at home with 3 different techs for another 1-1/2 hours and nothing. On the 27th back to the store and the store rep and myself spent 4 hours on the phone with again 3 different techs and all they could come up with was the new phone must be a lemon and I need to upgrade yet again this time to an LG G8 and $328.11 more. It still didn’t work. Tech support at that time was supposed to send this up the ladder to a higher tech and they would call me back which by the afternoon of the 29th they had not done so. So that afternoon I called them only to have to go through three more techs and each time telling a new tech the entire story over again as to what was going on and no resolve was ever had.  On the 1st of June I spent 5 hrs. On the phone and went through 6 techs. One finally found out that somehow my voice mail had been forwarded and the very last one who was finally a 2nd level tech found that on the 29th my voice mail had been deleted.

So to sum this all up I spent 7-1/2 hours in store.

13 hours on the phone with 14 techs.

And all total $760.14 on upgrades that were not needed.

I did receive a credit for the initial $141 and the new case and screen saver that was received when I went back on the 2nd of June to trade the LG G8 back in for a Motorola Z4 which took another hour in store.

I am a general contractor who needs his phone t make a living and this hurt me bad with both customers and venders and subs. My time lost on this was valuable to say the least as work is just starting to pick up again due to the Covid-19 stuff going on.

I don’t believe that the $141.00 credit was ample compensation for what I went through and my time lost. The first phone I had the Moto Z2 was fine and nothing was wrong with it at all. I believe compensation for both upgrades should be taken care of in this instance and none of this was my doing but yet it cost me dearly.

I have been a Verizon customer now for a long time, over ten years and between my family carry 5 Verizon phones on our business plan

Re: Poor tech support and customer service

That wasn't customer service, it was novice tech support and pushy sales reps.