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Request For Contact From A Member Of Financial Services Senior Management:

I am a loyal Verizon customer of many years who has purchased several devices thru Verizon and sent some other loyal customers to your business. I might add that I am the only person on my account however despite the fact that I have a very small package for myself my bill is always through the roof. I had an issue occur and when it did I nearly hit the floor but I told my husband at least this is Verizon I will be dealing with and not Comcast. I lived to regret those very words and I’m still shocked at the outcome of my situation. 

Right now with covid19 it’s no secret that most people’s life’s have dramatically changed. I am fortunate enough thankfully to still be getting some hours at work however my hours were drastically reduced without much warning. I have not yet been fortunate enough to receive the stimulus payment that we all are looking forward to seeing. 

In an effort to make ends meet and keep bills paid I contacted Verizon on 4/16/20 in an effort to cancel the existing scheduled payment for the following day and then recreate a new payment that was a little bit less $36 to be exact Verizon. $36 I reduced the payment that I was scheduled to give you. Upon making my call I instead of the automated IVR that answers the calls assisting me with this as it has happened before she shuffled me off to a virtual assistant. Normally I refuse that type of assistance because it’s never been favorable for me however you have a message asking customers to be accepting of some changes during the covid19 issues and right now we all have to do some things a little differently so I went with it. The call went well and at the end I gave it a good review. If I could do it again I would give it a negative 10. However the virtual assistant allowed me to do what I was attempting to do which was drop the first payment of $161 to $125. The next morning I woke up and did what I do most every morning which is check my bank activity and when I did I nearly passed out. I had a balance of $20   This was on my pay day. I had a balance of $20. Frantically and in tears I look and there sits Verizon with 2 payments from my account. 

I had to wait until 8 AM EST before I could call Verizon for help and with my first call I got an agent by the name of Annie. I was actually sent to Annie by another agent that told me they would need to get me to the financial department for assistance. I cannot say anything negative about her service. She was as sweet as can be and I felt like she wanted to help me. Before the call was even ov I had a feeling of instant relief. I explained to her in detail all the ins and outs of the issue and she issued for the payment to be canceled and gave me confirmation PH4837448 for the cancellation of the $161.22 payment. The $125 payment would stay in place. We also set my payments to come. She also put me on the Keeping America Connected list.  I hung up and felt like all was resolved and like I could breathe again. 

Later on I got a confirmation thanking me for the $161 payment. I honestly figured it was just a crossed message and didn’t pay much attention to it however a nagging feeling kept telling me to call and follow up about the issue and the text I got. I finally called and I hate to say this but the next young lady’ s service was subpar at best. If you pulled that call you would hear that she exercises no listening skills, no basic customer service skills, no job knowledge and the call was just overall weird and confusing. I kept trying to explain to her the issue and she kept talking to herself. I would then have to stop and ask what it was she was saying because I thought she was talking to me and she basically told me she was I guess talking to herself about the chat room Verizon has choose to use while at home working. It’s not hard people I’ve worked from home for 8 years and you have to know how to actively listen, multitask and your customer comes first. I was once again trying to really get through to her my issue and she comes back with an answer that I quite didn’t understand. It sounded like she said BandG however the name could be totally wrong but I said to her I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean. This girl proceeded to tell me no worries it’s a restaurant/store that serves and delivers food in Texas and they were at her door bringing her food. Are you kidding me 😤😤😤 NO you have not heard anything I have said in this call nor did I feel like anything that I had been through mattered to this girl at all


She did however manage to tell me that the refund Anna had put thru was denied so not only are you keeping the payment that I was trying to reduce but you are taking a payment that I did not have scheduled with you and would not have paid if the virtual assistant was not misleading. I have never been so disgusted by a companies actions as I am with Verizon right now. Knowing that the entire country is in a financial situation no matter what you have in your bank account Thanks to you Verizon I now have $7.86 in my account and coincidentally you even sent me a text to let me know that you charged me $7 to take all the money you did


I spoke to a supervisor and all I will say is worthless. Same old answers that they give customers to put the blame on something out of their control. Verizon cannot stop or refund the payment because the system won’t allow it. Verizon I have worked with computers and companies long enough to know there’s always a way to override something. He then referred me to my bank where I held for over an hour and half for them to refer me back to Verizon just like I knew they would. It’s your responsibility to refund a customer that you have taken money from 


I will also let you know that I paid $150 on Friday as well. Verizon if this does not get resolved and if there is not a refund of one of the payments at this point I do not care the I will become a customer of a new carrier as I purchase a new iPhone 11. Between the high prices I’m getting and this experience if it’s not corrected there’s no way I will stay and I will have my husband pull his account as well. 

Someone needs to look into this issue and do the right thing. I need to be contacted. I do not participate in Twitter so I will not communicate that way. My email and number have been provided. 

Thank You 



Everyone In The Verizon Community Stay Safe 💕