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Time Zone Stamp
Enthusiast - Level 2

On the website activity page does the time stamp of a phone call and message show up as the time zone where the call is placed or received.

Specifically, on my family plan one user is in Central Time Zone about 75 percent of the time.  If the person is in Central Time Zone and I am in Eastern Time Zone, how does the call or text message show up on the call activity and on the billing? 

If one family plan person is in CST and calls or texts another plan member at 8pm CST, what time is going to be on the call activity at the website?  The person initiating the call or receiving the call?

If a phone is off, are the time stamps of text messages the time the message was sent or the time the phone is turned back on?

I have not been able to get a verifiable response to this question. 

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Re: Time Zone Stamp

It is according to how you look at the logs.

If you look at the logs of the person in CST most the time, when they are there, the time is based on Central time. So if they call you and you look at YOUR call log, and you are on eastern time, the time will be an hour later on your log than their log

Re: Time Zone Stamp

Then why if I look at a phone log of the person texting, who is making and receiving texts in the EST,  doesn't it match what my account shows on the Verzion activity printout on my computer, which is in the EST?

Re: Time Zone Stamp
Customer Service Rep

pppppp1, I know how important it is for your records to be correct! Are you seeing the timestamps as off on the hour, but correct for the minute, or are they completely different from what you show in your phone? What make & model device do you have?