Unlimited Data Plans Being Sold On Ebay
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Hello All ,

I've been a Verizon subscriber for 6 years now.

The service has been great , But the customer service has been lacking . And within the last month it has been flat out horrible !!

Back on July 10th 2015 , I had a customer service rep tell me,,,,,,,OUTTA THE BLUE,,,,,,,,That I was sitting on a " GOLD MINE " . when I asked what she was refering too she stated,,,,," Your Unlimited Data Plan " . What do you mean ? I asked . She goes on to tell me that I could make some money by selling my unlimited data plan to someone , and that accounts like mine were " gold ".

She went on to tell me how , and that it would have to be done through Verizons " AOL " department . Hmmmmm , I thought . I had no idea that I could sell my data plan . Interesting , I just might do that.

So 2 weeks later I call Verizon back to get some more info on how I go about selling my unlimited data account . But this time the verizon rep had a completely different answer. She stated that an unlimited data package WILL NOT TRANSFER to another person .

Hmmmmm , I thought . Which one was telling me the truth ?

So I call my local Verizon store . The guy gets on the phone , I explain to him that I was told that I could sell my data account by one rep ,,,,,and that I could NOT by another rep,,,,,,,,,,,,Which one is right ? I asked him .

Now THIS REP states,,,,,," Well first of all you cannot sell your unlimited data account , that's ILLEGAL " he said . But you CAN transfer the data line to another person thru the " AOL" department.

HA!!!!! Unbelievable .

So now I call the " AOL" department ( Assumption Of Liabilty ) . I ask the lady how and if I can transfer my unlimited data package to another person . She tells me that I can . She then asks me for the name of the person that will be taking over the line . I give her the first and last name of the person . She notes the account. We chat a little bit more , and then I reaffirm with her,,,,,,,So when XXXXXXX calls , he will then be able to take over my unlimited data line ? " Yes Sir " she says . I then thank her for her time and hang up.

A few hours later , I call " AOL" back to see if the line had been transferred over yet.

And ONCE AGAIN I get a different response ." Sir , the last rep that you spoke with specifically put in the notes here that your unlimited data WILL NOT transfer over to the new owner " WHAT!!??? WTH is going on with Verizon ???

The last lady told me I was all set to transfer my unlimited data line,,,,,,,she had asked me for the new owners name,,,,,,,told me that I was all set,,,,,,,,,Then after we hung up she put in her notes ,," DO NOT transfer the unlimited data ",,,,,,,,,,??????

Okay now , Let me get this straight , JUST WHAT IS VERIZONS POLICY??!!


There's even a guy selling his service to help transfer from account to account for a mere $20 . And he/she claims to be a former Verizon rep .

So how are all these EBAY sales going on then under Verizons nose ?? Why hasn't Verizon put a stop to those listings on EBAY ?? And yes, they could if they wanted too.

A Verizon Suit told me that they haven't allowed unlimited data to be transfered since November of 2014 .


So Verizon KNOWS that it won't allow unlimited data transfers,,,,,,,But yet it has continuously watched , and let people buy and sell these unlimited data plans on EBAY ??

Something stinks here!!!!

Sounds and looks like Verizon picks and chooses who can transfer their unlimited data accounts.

Anyone have an answer ??

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