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My husband and I paid off our devices a few months ago.  I decided to look at getting us both new devices.  I went to Best Buy and they were offering a buy one get one free offer for the Note9 and also they are offering $400.00 off the phone.  That would be a total for both phones of either $29.16 for the lower memory phone or $33.13 for the higher memory phone.  The only catch is they require you to get a new phone number!  We have been with Verizon over 16 years and Neither my husband or I want to change phone numbers.  With talking to the sales clerk she suggested I could change carriers and keep our phone numbers, get both phones for less than the amounts stated above and have a lower monthly bill!  I would even still get the unlimited plan!  

Prior to making any changes I told her I wanted to contact Verizon and see if they would have any offers comparable to the above prior to changing.  Again, as I stated we are long time customers and my husband gets a discount through his employer and we would prefer to stay with Verizon.

I chatted with online customer service and after explaining the above they suggested I call the customer Loyalty "Care" department.  I called and after about 15 minutes being on hold after I was transferred I was in the middle of explaining the above and was disconnected!  No one ever called me back.  I called back again and was on hold again for more than 15 minutes!!!  This time the person I spoke with said their was nothing he could offer that was comparable to the above and the only thing he could offer was waiving the $40 "activation" fee on both lines if I upgraded but again I would have to change numbers on one of our phones!!!  He told me that if I change I would be losing the quality and I have been "grandfathered" into my current plan so I wouldn't be getting that either.  I have been told that by every customer service agent I have ever talked to  regardless of the reason I have called!!

So what is the point of being a loyal customer?  They are catering to new customers!  I have been with Verizon a long time and currently have 3 lines on the unlimited plan and have a Samsung watch from them.   😞   I am going to have my husband check with his company and see if he can receive a discount from any other carriers and at that time I will be making the switch.  Regardless,  I am going to change carriers.

It is sad!  I wonder anyone wants to stay with Verizon?  Loyalty means nothing to them!!!  

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All of the carriers' offers for a buy one get one free usually requires a new line of service on one of the lines. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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So what is the point of being a loyal customer?   

The point of being a "customer" is that you feel you are getting a good service. If you don't feel that, you should ALWAYS look for another provider which better suits your needs. You can always hop around to different providers to get a better deal on phones, but you will be in the same position the next time you want to purchase a phone. ALL providers have similar policies when selling phones, you get better deals when opening a new line of service. Just keep in mind, the areas you have come to expect adequate service may not have the same level of coverage at a different provider.

Good luck with the new provider.

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Looks like you have a similar story I have. Frustrating and worthless service. Agree with you that There is ZERO Value for being Long Time Verizon Customers.