Verizon has been terrible at helping me get my new phone.
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Hi All,

I wish there was e-mail support to send this to, but at this point I am out of idea and going to post it here.

I have had the Casio Gz'one Commando for a couple of years now. I love it and was chuffed to see the new iteration released! I upgraded online and received the phone this past Friday (7/19). The phone was DOA (wouldn't read SIM cards) and I spent two hours at the local Verizon store working with techs to diagnose and try every possible means of bringing the phone to life. It was determined that it wasn't reading SIM cards and that a new phone was in order.

Despite having Verizon logos all over the entire store, it turns out that it's a Verizon Premium Retailer. What this means is that it's not a true corporate Verizon store and these individuals cannot replace my phone with their stock. I understand, but Verizon Wireless blew a big chance at fixing my problem then by deciding not to work with the retailer in getting me a phone that day. They said that I would instead need to be charged for a new phone that would ship overnight on Monday, July 22nd. I was reluctant especially because I work weekends and need my phone working - they were able to flip back on my old Commando 3G and send me on my way. It was my Friday afternoon, I spent two hours in a not-Verizon store utilizing the help of the great employees there who didn't get a dime from me but helped anyway. 

It's also a 20+ mile drive from my house. Great Friday afternoon spent with a broken phone, a not-Verizon store (despite saying Verizon all over it), no resolution save for waiting until Tuesday for a new phone.

Tuesday came and went with no phone delivered to my office. I called Verizon and they said it was being 2 day shipped via USPS. This is also not good because USPS doesn't do delivery to physical addresses where I live (a rural zoned area). They need a PO Box. The very very very nice (read: very sweet, nice, understanding) CSR named Juanita mentioned that maybe the Post Office will figure out that which PO Box it goes to based on the business address. This isn't good - because my bosses have strict rules against using the PO Box for personal shipments. FedEx to the office is cool, but using the PO Box ties up our courier in line at the PO and earns me a chewing. So at this point this morning I'm messed up either way: either I don't receive my phone as promised due to being misinformed (lied to?) about shipping. Otherwise I get my phone and earn a private meeting with my boss about how I deliberately neglected to follow company policy by utilizing the organization's PO Box. It's a big fat lose lose today for me.

My old phone is woefully outdated hardware-wise and an upgrade would be fantastic. I'm out time, gas money, and either I am not going to receive a phone today (even when promised to arrive yesterday) or I am and it will come with a bonus kicking by my boss.

It would have been less expensive and less stressful and more fulfilling just to have purchased the phone from the local retailer.

Also: the nearest proper Verizon store (read: a Verizon store that is identical to the one I visited locally, but is actually corporate - I can't tell the difference from looking) is in Denver. I live in Breckenridge which is a good hour-plus drive each way. With the gas involved in climbing from 5,000 feet to 9,600 feet plus the actual road mileage and my time spent - I'm out wayyyyy more money than it would be worth driving there, so that's not a good option for me.

Verizon hasn't taken any meaningful steps to fix things beyond "make the customer's life worse in a variety of ways subtle-and-not-so."



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Re: Verizon has been terrible at helping me get my new phone.
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Well you drive an hour at 65 miles an hour or 1.5 gallons of gas so lets say both ways its only $12 max. but lets push on.

You could have ordered over the internet and had free two day shipping by FedEx which can deliver to your home or you can change the delivery to your work. Boss shouldn't get mad since its costing your job zero.

I always go to the corporate stores since you get the service and the device right then and there.

You need not tip anyone. Beer or anthing. That is your own choice not verizons.

Authorized retailers normally have a sign stating that. "Authorized Verizon Wireless Retailer" that is what the non corporate verizon stores say where I live. I have never seen a package delivered for verizon by the US Postal Service, I have read verizon uses the USPS for returns to vendor for bad phones.

Hopefully you now have it all straighten out?

Good Luck

Re: Verizon has been terrible at helping me get my new phone.
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Gonna cost way more than 24 dollars with my Jeep. 150 mile round trip to Lakewood (Denver suburb) plus elevation gain means a bit more money than you optimistically guessed at - but I digress.

I did order over the internet and they delivered a DOA phone. They shipped the new phone to the same address but did so incorrectly. Verizon is bad at what they do.

I tipped because these nice folks are helping me where Verizon has failed to do so. Also I haven't experienced the life training to hunt for ambiguous language or to even wonder if a store represented a company or not when it's painted top-to-bottom with Verizon logos. I missed the day of college where it was explained to me that because a store presents itself as a Verizon store that it probably isn't a Verizon store. I don't believe that my willingness to believe that the store represented the company is unreasonable.

The phone did not arrive today because Verizon ships poorly. For that matter they ship poor products to me as evidenced by my most recent receipt.

This is garbage and I will look forward to my new phone in the next few weeks.

Re: Verizon has been terrible at helping me get my new phone.
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I have experienced the same issue with Verizon/Not Verizon stores. Seems reasonable to assume that if one claims an affiliation with the biggest carrier in the US, they would handle said carriers business responsibilities to it's customers. Unfortunately, reasoning is a lost art when it comes to $$.

Re: Verizon has been terrible at helping me get my new phone.
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We are concerned to hear that you have had a hard time getting a new phone. This is definitely not the experience that we want for you to have, and we will be glad to look into the issue to get it corrected. To confirm, is there any particular device that you are interested in getting? DavidR_VZW