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Weak 4G cell signal strength. Request cell site/tower check?

There is no Verizon cell signal in 13158. This is a problem for us. 

Re: Weak 4G cell signal strength. Request cell site/tower check?

I was told over a month ago that there would be a site tower visit not happened yet just more excuses seems they think if they ignore it long enough that we will just forget it or stop asking I had one ticket completely ignored and lied to several times i.e excuses two other tickets I just got auto response on i.e there script talking points must be tree or building etc

Re: Weak 4G cell signal strength. Request cell site/tower check?
Customer Support

One of our main goals is to provide you with reliable service, and we are concerned to learn you are experiencing weak signal. To better assist you, please tell us a little more. When did the issue start? Are you having problems indoors or outdoors? 

Re: Weak 4G cell signal strength. Request cell site/tower check?

I think the pattern here is all of these issues started with the beginning of 5G. I'm having the same issues as apparently MANY MANY people have started having after years of good service. No my home hasn't changed, no steel roofing or siding, I didn't add bricks, and the trees are about the same size and actually in the same location they've been for the last 25 years. I live out in the country at the same location I've been for years and have went from never dropping a call or losing a signal during a game to not even being able to have a 1 minute conversation. All verizon ever does is make excuses and try to blame the customer. It is sickening. As soon as I'm able to replace them they are gone. It disgusts me to have to pay my bill every month. verizon your customer service and care is despicable. You would think after seeing soooo many of these posts they would try to fix the problem, but the actual problem is they just really don't care. 

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