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Bad service
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am having a really hard time maintaining reliable service. I am continously losing all signal and often have no data. Verizon service has been getting worse every day. Why is my service so bad?

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Re: Bad service
Master - Level 1

What is the zip for your area?

Re: Bad service
Master - Level 2

See I'd recommend installing a cell signal level application on your device like one of the following from the PlayStore: Network Cell Info Lite, and/or Advanced Signal Status

If you have an iPhone, then look for something on iTunes that does something similar.

I've gleaned the following from the web regarding reported metrics in these apps:

RSRP – The average power received from a single Reference signal, and Its

typical range is around -44dbm (good) to -140dbm(bad).

Better than -88dBm RSRP is a strong signal
Between -89dBm and -96dBm is a very good signal
Between -97dBm and -105dBm is good
Between -106dBm and -112dBm is fair
Worse than -113dBm RSRP is poor

RSRQ – Indicates quality of the received signal, and its

range is typically -19.5dB(bad) to -3dB (good).

Greater or equal to -10dB (excellent)

Between -10 to -15dB (good)

Between -15 to -20 (Fair to Poor*)

Less than -20 (Bad*)

RSSNR – Indicates the Signal to Noise ratio of the signal, the higher the better

                Greater or equal to 20 Excellent

                Between 13 to 20 Good

                Between 0 to 13 (Fair to Poor*)

                Less than or equal to 0 (Bad*)

Re: Bad service
Master - Level 2

Do this to determine what kind of signal your phone is receiving from the nearest tower. If the metrics are good, but your phone drops calls or doesn't establish a connection that you can do something useful with, yes, contact Verizon and give them your Zip code, and tell them the values of the metrics below. It's possible you have a tower or towers that are overly congested or having problems.

*Note: these are my descriptive ratings as I found none associated with the corresponding metric.

Good luck.

Re: Bad service
Verizon Employee

Having reliable service is always what we want for you. Allow us to take a closer look at what has been happening. You mentioned that this has been getting worse, when did it begin? What is the zip code? Do you happen to know if others in the area are experiencing this?


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Re: Bad service
Champion - Level 3

It could be solved by simply switching your Network Mode from Global to LTE/CDMA.

Re: Bad service
My zip is 30
Re: Bad service
Customer Service Rep

Hi there, Rc22. 


Are you also having a problem with your service? If so, tell us exactly what is going on. 

The zip code you shared is not valid, therefore, we want to gather more details from you. 



Re: Bad service