Camera quality has become grainy, used to be very good

When I first got my VS985 LG G3 phone the picture quality was excellent.  Somewhere along the way the quality went way downhill and photos now are grainy and dull, to the point of being embarrassing to show a photo or post to Facebook.  Also, if I reverse the cameras to selfie mode, I get a small window with a large pink frame around it.  I don't know if I messed up some settings or what, I have tried various options with no luck.  Is there a way I can set everything back to defaults (just the camera settings)?  Or can somebody tell me how to do it manually?


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Re: Camera quality has become grainy, used to be very good
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Hi there, oldgeek. It's troubling to see that your G3's camera is causing such consternation for you. I appreciate you bringing this up and allowing me to help.I'd like to take up your concern over the small window first. That sounds like the Dual Feature, which allows you to capture pictures or videos with both the front facting and rear facing camera lenses at the same time. If you'd prefer not to use this feature, it can be disabled by following these steps:

From the Home screen (or with Apps), tap Camera> tap Mode> tap Dual icon.

The graininess of the picture quality is something that I would imagine must be quite embarrasing. I've been searching settings in the camera to see if there's an option to adjust image quality (such as can be found in digital cameras that would allow you to capture images in negative colors, sepia, and other special effects) but I haven't found one. Does this happen with both images as well as videos?

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