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Carrier billing

Good day. I'm having an issue using the direct carrier billing option to make in game purchases for the game called puzzles and survival. Other users of the game starts that they are able to use this feature but I receive an error message that says "content is barred on the route". I initially thought this was either a play store or app issue as I can bill content from other apps using carrier billing. I contacted the developer who stated they can't find any issues on their end and haven't encountered this issue before. I contacted Google who had me do all of the troubleshooting steps I've done countless times before contacting them. They then escalated the issue to a Dept that stated they have checked their services and my Google account and everything is setup as it should. They instructed me to reach out to VZW as the message I'm receiving is only something that shows up when prepaid accounts try to do carrier billing as they are not eligible for that service and Verizon is declining the payment. I've reached out to vz and reps have no clue what's going on.

Re: Carrier billing
Customer Support

Hello,  we hope you and your family are doing well.  Thank you for reaching out to us today with your account concerns.  We can understand your confusion as to why you are not able to make in game purchases.  I just need to confirm, you have a prepaid account, correct?  If so, prepaid accounts are paid prior to using , therefore the funds have to be on the account prior to using the services.  If you have previously used a prepaid account for in-game purchases, did you make sure the funds were on  the account first?  *Lisa

Re: Carrier billing

You can just buy a Google card and add it to your Google a count and pay that way.  

Re: Carrier billing
Super User
Super User

Do you have a prepaid account? If so, as noted in this thread, prepaid accounts are not eligible for carrier billing. 


If you have a postpaid Have you verified your account doesn't have a block for carrier billing?


Personally I don't use carrier billing. I would rather use a Play Store gift card or bill it directly to a credit card. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.