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Galaxy S2 smartwatch issues

I recently received a Galaxy S2 smartwatch as part of the recent Verizon Galaxy S7 phone promotion.

I've several issues and questions about the watch, so I called Verizon, who transferred me to Samsung, who dropped my call even though they asked for a call-back number in case that happened (they never called back anyway). Non-existent customer service on both ends, so I thought I'd try to get some answers here from you kind folks.

1) Every time the watch is powered on, I receive the following prompt:


Make a call to

activate your

Gear number."

...with an "X" on the left and a checkmark on the right. I press "X", because I do not want to activate a cellular plan on the watch.

I then receive this message:

"Activation will be

stopped. To activate

later, call *228."

The trouble is, I'm forced to go through these prompts every single time power is cycled on the watch. This is very annoying, to say the least. How do I turn this prompt off? I sincerely hope there's a way to do that.

2) If my watch is connected to my S7 phone via Bluetooth, everything seems to work except for email. Actually, when I first configured email information on the watch using the Samsung Gear app and connected it to my S7 via BT, it did display 4 older emails, but no current email. The next time I accessed the watch email app, it told me I had no email. Not true, there were 7 new email messages on the S7 phone. It's been that way ever since, always reporting I have no email waiting, when I most certainly do. I've Googled the issue, and can't seem to find a fix. Would someone please suggest a method of troubleshooting this problem?

Note: I'm using the "stock" Samsung email app on both ends (phone and watch).

3) If you don't have a cellular plan for the watch, exactly what purpose(s) does its Wi-fi serve? I can't seem to find any information about that anywhere either, and even Samsung couldn't tell me.

Again, any help or suggestions regarding these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Galaxy S2 smartwatch issues
Customer Support


You have now reached the right place for help. We definitely want you to be able to take advantage of all the features your watch has to offer and apologize for the lack of service that you have experienced. Let’s work together to make sure that your Gear S2 is locked to your phone without having to to reactivate it every time you turn it on. I have provided the steps for how to activate your watch. Please follow steps 1-8. Click on the link to get started . Once completed we can review your email features.

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Re: Galaxy S2 smartwatch issues

The URL you posted above is just the standard set-up procedure for the Gear S2 smartwatch, and of course I've been through that already or I wouldn't be able to use the device at all. If you actually read my original post closely, you will see that nothing on that page answers any of my questions or issues.

I've been called back by a Verizon customer satisfaction representative because of the low rating I gave customer service after my original request for help via phone, as well as my experience here. He is going to seek out a Verizon technician who is familiar with the Gear S2 smartwatch, then have them call me back to provide the assistance I require.

Re: Galaxy S2 smartwatch issues

I have a similar issue with my ASUS Zenwatch 2. fortunately, I only see an icon in the app list, "Activate Watch"  And it fails with "something went wrong. Please try again later.

It is connected via BT to my Galaxy S5.

With debugging mode on I connected VIA the terminal app and recorded some UI commands. I think this line shows the failure..

10-30 17:53:07.576   551  1501 W ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { act=com.verizon.lpa.LpaService pkg=com.verizon.lpa } U=0: not found

or this

10-30 17:53:07.797   551   569 I ActivityManager: Displayed com.vzw.hss.myverizon/.wearable.esim.activity.ExplicitActivationActivity: +627ms

10-30 17:53:07.900  1109  1142 D bt_btm_pm: btm_pm_proc_mode_change switched from UNKNOWN to ACTIVE.

10-30 17:53:07.941  1109  1142 I bt_btm  : BTM_SetPowerMode: pm_id 0 BDA: 5395add3 mode:0x0

10-30 17:53:08.660  3395  3395 I art     : Starting a blocking GC Alloc

10-30 17:53:08.660  3395  3395 I art     : Starting a blocking GC Alloc

10-30 17:53:09.069   551   560 I art     : Background partial concurrent mark sweep GC freed 15704(1028KB) AllocSpace objects, 5(100KB) LOS objects, 12% free, 14MB/16MB, paused 2.172ms total 249.767ms

10-30 17:53:09.211   218   218 W SurfaceFlinger: couldn't log to binary event log: overflow.

Re: Galaxy S2 smartwatch issues

I fixed my issue by using the Android Debugging Bridge. adb.

I installed it and enabled debugging on my watch. Then I entered a dos command while in the folder the command

adb uninstall com.vzw.hss.myverizon in  c:\users\{username}\appdata\android\sdk\platform-tools folder.

It's gone!