HTC 10 Fingerprint scanner and button not working

Soooo, I've had my HTC 10 for 6 days now.  Everything worked perfectly until yesterday when my fingerprint scan button stopped working to unlock my phone.  Now the scan button is not working as a 'Home" button either.  If I am in one app or on another screen and I press the Home/fingerprint button nothing happens 70% of the time.  Not even a vibrate feedback to let me know the phone knows I'm pressing there.

I did the usual turn off, turn on several times.  I deleted my fingerprint data, and then tried to set up the fingerprint all over again, but I keep getting a message that states "Fingerprint setup was cancelled. Please try again."  Yet, you guessed it, I try again and nothing. 

Anyone else having this issue?  The fingerprint scanner worked for 4 why is it failing now?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: HTC 10 Fingerprint scanner and button not working
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When it is failing to take the fingerprint, is it asking for the backup pin/password?

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