Help! What do I do? Verizon has treated me very poorly.

Last year I saved up and bought an LG smartphone I really enjoyed. It dropped off a table and the screen shattered, even in an otter box case. I went to verizon and waited hours to be seen. They told me that they would replace it, but there were no more in stock. So they gave me the one and only option of choosing the Motorola Razr M. I HATE THIS PHONE. I have had to replace 3 now from manufacturer defects. I am disabled and need a functioning phone. Every single one of my Razrs have failed, been glitchy, and undependable. The screens would freeze, it would loose all connection to the network, they all had problems. When I would complain to verizon they would tell me to get over it, replaced it with the exact same phone, and completely disregarded any attempt at changing phones. The store staff have been DOWNRIGHT RUDE. They're always in disbelief that I am still with the network, and tell me they cant help. What the heck kind of customer service is this? We have been customers since 2006. My first phone was verizon. They wont even let me cancel my line unless i pay $150. Insurance to replace my horrible phone is $100, even though I got it for free AS A COMPROMISE. Yesterday I went into the store to get a 4th replacement. They told me they couldnt help and to file a claim with insurance. After spending all day I finally got through to someone who was going to have a supervisor call me at 3:30. It is now 6:30. I am VERY, VERY disappointed in the lack of respect for customers. The store staff have left me frustrated in tears many times. Now the phones are busy, I cant get through. I will be leaving negative reviews on facebook and yelp. This is  absolutely unacceptable. The fact that my concerns were not heard at all is what bothers me most. Customers need respect, yeesh. I need a phone that works TOMORROW. Any advice?

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Re: Help! What do I do? Verizon has treated me very poorly.
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Early edge up if you qualify or buy another vzw phone 3rd party into something you like instead of never d ending razr replacements