LG G4 with Ext 32G SD card

Hi. LG G4 with 32G Ext SD card here. I've set up my camera to save pics to SD card. I have another app, OI File Manager, which allows me to create/remove files and directories. If I try to delete a pic on my ext SD card using OI, the phone doesn't allow me to delete the pic. It's almost like the phone thinks the ext SD card is mounted "read only".  Any suggestions? TIA

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Re: LG G4 with Ext 32G SD card
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Hello jgross36!

I'm sorry for any issues in deleting selected pictures from  your device while using OI. Let's see what we can do to get this taken care of. I'd like to ask you if you are able to go into your gallery and delete the pic instead of using the OI File Manager app?

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