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Last time I use Verizon. No freedom for android.

Last time I use Verizon. [removed] updates, tons of bloatware. AND WORST OF ALL, SD card I bought is completely [removed] useless. All apps and memory used is internal and causes phone to be slow. Can I use my sd card to help? NO. Can I [removed]? NO. Can I downgrade firmware?? NOOO. [removed] verizon. Just waiting for contract to end and I'm out.

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Re: Last time I use Verizon. No freedom for android.
Super User
Super User

Half of the issues you describe are not Verizon problems. You would be better served by a Nexus Device or an iPhone versus the branded devices Verizon sells. They are $400 retail if you want a Nexus 5X or an iPhone SE.

Re: Last time I use Verizon. No freedom for android.

This is one reason the OEMs began moving away from external storage. It seemed many users were having challengs with moving apps to the expandable memory - although the OEMs quickly went back to offering expandable memory as most cannot live without it. A friend of mine had a cheap knockoff memory card in his G4 and it made waking the device extremly slow and sluggish. Of course he had no idea why until I recommeded him to purchase a newer higher class memory card.

Suggestion would be, as the other individual stated, to go with a more vanilla Android device with more embedded memory. This way you have less content on extermal memory.

Also, as the other user stated, an iPhone is a great option. With iOS 10 users will be able to remove most pre-installed Apple apps from your home screen. More here: Remove built-in apps from the Home screen on your iOS device with iOS 10 beta - Apple Support

I personally have had an iPhone 128GB model for nearly 2 years and haven't deleted 1 picture from my device (closing in on 10K photos). Although I back my device up regularly I never have to worry about memory challenges or isssues with no enough room to store apps etc.

Re: Last time I use Verizon. No freedom for android.

Most phones burdened with these issues, are also burdened with locked and signed bootloaders, making alterations impossible.  Samsung has done the best job of locking their phones up, and are the worst bloat offender.

Really, android offers plenty, but not a carrier branded android.  Nexus 6p is a beast.  And its not alone. 

Shop wisely my friend, and you will not be disappointed.