Mandatory CALL FORWARD confirmation screen
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Don't know that my phone type matters, but I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (this also started happening on the previous phone -  Galaxy Note 3).

When I first had my older Note 3, this was NEVER an issue:

I have an auto task built (via app called tasker and using an NFC chip) that forwards my cell phone to my work number when I am at work, so I don't have to worry about finding/answering my cell phone and all calls go to my office phone. When the task runs, it stalls at a point and I have to MANUALLY interject. It pops up with a screen that says : Call Forwarding (*72)....All incoming calls will be forwarded to (xxx) xxx-xxxx (I left the number out). Dial *73 to turn off call forwarding.  at the bottom of that window are 2 choices: "back (cancels) OR TURN ON 9activates the call forwarding and places the actual call and ultimately forwards the phone.

This is some sort of confirmation screen that I am REQUIRED to interact with to complete the call forwarding process. It also presents the confirmation screen when I manually forward calls (not using tasker)

It also does this when deactivating call forwarding (*73)

A few Android versions ago (perhaps KitKat?) I never was required to confirm/acknowledge this action and I could forward calls automatically.

How do I shut this off. I cannot find anywhere in the phone settings to disable this confirmation screen

It is really quite annoying.



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Re: Mandatory CALL FORWARD confirmation screen
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Hmm, must be Verizon, cause I too get the confirmation screen with Kit Kat 4.4.4.

I'm guessing it can't be turned off.

Re: Mandatory CALL FORWARD confirmation screen
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Perhaps it was PRE Kit Kat too...

Re: Mandatory CALL FORWARD confirmation screen
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I understand making sure that you have your call forwarding enabled DigitalRules. Are you able to post a screen shot of what you are referring too?
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