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Manually turn off mobile data when you use Wi-Fi

I was at home downloading a big file on my phone using home wi-fi and I got all the data usage charged on my phone.

I talked to the customer service and they told me that I need to manually turn off the mobile data when I want to use the wi-fi.

Does everyone turn off mobile data when you use the wi-fi?

They told me even though you are connected to the wifi, if you see "4G" sign on your phone, you are using the mobile data (when it is faster than wifi).

I have been using smart phones for more than 6 years and this is first time hearing about this.

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Re: Manually turn off mobile data when you use Wi-Fi

I have a S7 and keep mobile data turned off all the time. The times that I might need data, like away from my home wifi setup, the phone will remind me that I have no network connection, then I just flip the switch. I basically use my phone away from wifi as a standalone device, phone and camera and hardly ever need data. This way my data usage is below 500 mb's each month. Keeping data turned off at home assures that no data will ever be used in the vicinity of your wifi.

Re: Manually turn off mobile data when you use Wi-Fi
Super User
Super User

I have had a smartphone for six years and I have always turned off my cellular data connection when I was connected to my home wifi.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Manually turn off mobile data when you use Wi-Fi

Yes, I ALWAYS keep mobile data turned off unless I need to use it. You can use the "Power Toggles" app to reduce the amount of steps needed to turn off data. Works GREAT on KitKat & OK on Lollipop, but not sure about Marshmallow.

Re: Manually turn off mobile data when you use Wi-Fi

as long as wi-fi has a faster thruput signal than data, no need to from my standpoint.

when 601 came in, i switched to wi-fi & the 6g dl came in quickly.

i pay for 50mbps & generally see 65+, so my wi-fi is way faster than the network.

bottom line:

just because you see the wi-fi fan in the notification panel, you're not necessarily connected to wi-fi.

Re: Manually turn off mobile data when you use Wi-Fi
Customer Support


Thanks for asking this very important question. We know that a lot of people rely on WiFi as a source of their internet bandwidth. There are some things that have happened in the last couple years that have caused some customers to notice data usage in areas where WiFi is also present. Most high-end phone manufacturers have recently built in options that allow for simultaneous WiFi & cellular data use. They also can allow the phone to pick which network to use dependent upon on the quality & speed of the available connections and what action you're trying to do. Some of these features are Apple's" WiFi Assist", Samsung's "Smart Network Switch", and LG's "Avoid Bad WiFi Connections".

Features like this can all be turned off in your settings to limit your unwanted data use. They can greatly enhance your phone's performance, but you certainly need to be aware of these as well as any WiFi sleep settings on your router & phone to prevent unwanted data use. As others here have said, to be absolutely certain you can just turn mobile data off.

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