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Multiple problems with HTC m8 after 5.0 update

I've had several problems with the 5.0 update since it rolled out. The first (which has been addressed recently) is that :

  • some apps are really slow to open
  • react slowly to what I'm doing
  • crash at random

Even email links won't work properly and half the time crashes the app when it tries to open it.

The second is all my radio communications (Data for calls only, WiFi, and Bluetooth) are all having connection issues:

  • For any call longer than 15 minutes, it will unexpectedly hang up without me touching the screen (and this happened twice in one day and neither me nor my friend hung up).
  • The WiFi connection will randomly start connecting and disconnecting at random throughout the day (the “WiFi connected” and “WiFi available” icons will flash back and forth rapidly for a couple seconds), even on stable WiFi signal.
  • The Bluetooth audio will have multiple random sound skips (a short split second of no sound) for the duration I am listening to music and has occurred on multiple Bluetooth devices. At one point, it would be “connected” to the device but the audio will stay playing FROM the phone (even headphones wouldn't work through the headphone jack on the phone itself).

Why am I having so much trouble with this phone? I've already reset it to factory settings and it is still not remedied, especially the latter symptoms.

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Re: Multiple problems with HTC m8 after 5.0 update

Hate to tell you, but welcome to the- I got hosed by the lollipop update-

Tons of people, on multiple devices are having some of the exact same issues your describing here.

Some people have said that wiping the cache has helped with some of your issues. Others have pointed out to shut your phone down for a full 5-10 minutes, then once you reboot to just let it set for 30 minutes to let it settle.

*None of which have helped me, but maybe it will for you.

No one really has an answer except wait it out for 5.1