My Kyocera Brigadier just updated to some lolipop version. And i HATE it. I now am unable to organize My photo gallery how i please, or how it used to be ( individual folders ) i can't edit my views to view my folders how i wanted at all. In my file manager everything is still the same. So there's nothing to change there. But everything within the gallery is haywire and i am not happy.

If the phone had this running system when i bought it. I wouldn't have bought it. . I'm very upset. Please someone tell me something can fix this, or even undo it to my old system

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Re: Unhappy
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Rebelvictory software updates are meant to be improvements, not something that causes issues. Let's make sure your phone does what you want it to. There are apps that will organize files. There are also file manager apps that will help with organizing folders. You can find these apps on the Play Store.
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