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why does phone keep turning on and off?

Why does my lg g3 keep turning on and off by itself? I spilled liquid on it months ago

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Re: why does phone keep turning on and off?
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Oh my! Having a working phone is so important. Let's look into this. How long has this been turning off and on? Did you change anything else on your device? Installed apps or software updates?

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Re: why does phone keep turning on and off?

Desmineh, I can tell you from years of experience working on electronic devices that liquid, especially if it had any organic compounds such as sugars, will eventually turn to mold, which when it comes in contact with a moist environment or more liquid, will become a conductor and thus wreck havoc on circuitry. You should see what a little chili spilled into a computer keyboard turned into in a dispatch center I managed. It looked like it came from another planet. Sometimes a technician can clean the problem away and sometimes the device needs to be replaced. If your device has a removable battery, I would look there first. If any of the battery contacts look dull or green, you can gently clean them with a pencil eraser, as any slight film between the battery and the contact can cause intermittent problems like yours. Just be sure to blow and/or wipe away and eraser or green debris before reinserting the battery. If that is not the problem, I would suggest a trip to a repair facility.