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0.66 Mb internet speed after upgrade to Unlimited Plan

My internet speeds on my prepaid 5Gb plan were acceptable, so I upgraded to unlimited, canceled my AT&T FTTP internet service, and started using my iPhone X as a hotspot hub.  It worked acceptably for the first evening streaming Amazon and Netflix, then went dead.  I called 611 Vz and oh - SURPRISE, Mr. Mills, we have a secret we didn't disclose when you upgraded:  Since you UPGRADED your 5Gb to unlimited now we're going to charge you an additional $5.00/mo so you can CONTINUE to use your phone as a hotspot for your PC.  It took me 2 hours to get that little item fixed.  The Vz tech on the phone told me I had to do it online from the PC, she wouldn't do it for me.  But, hey, wasn't I calling to say I no longer had internet for my PC?  So she had me download a Vz app to my iPhone so I could do it from my phone app.  SURPRISE!  There's no option on that app to add the add-on service to my plan!!  FINALLY the tech got it through her head she needed to do it for me.  Which meant I had to add funds FIRST, then she could add the new hotspot add-on which was NOT an add-on before I UPGRADED my service.  OMG.  

FINALLY got that mess straightened out and was able to take care of my daily business email and get on with life.  Two days later now and Vz has throttled back my internet speed to - get this - 0.66 Mb/second up and down.  Waiting for a browser to load a page is like being connected with AOL in 1995. 

I want my promised 4G internet speeds, 100mB/sec.  I live in metropolitan Columbia, SC, the capital city, where there is no problem with coverage issues, meaning this is clearly an intentional Verizon choking of my service after I just upgraded from paying $30/mo to $70/mo.  I'm paying more than twice as much now for service that is 1/10 what I had before.    

Re: 0.66 Mb internet speed after upgrade to Unlimited Plan

I am having a similar issue, I got a new Pixel 5a 5G phone, I switched from post paid to prepaid 15Gb a month plan and I get the worst speeds in 4G LTE and 5G, friend also has prepaid same exact plan gets 120-130Mbs and I got 50mps, but sometimes I only get 9mps or even as low as none but signal for tower is 3-4 bars or so. Never has this issue on post paid in same areas. I talked to customer service and they didn't see anything wrong with my plan. Why would anyone switch to prepaid with a 5G service to get 2-3G speeds, something isn't right. You already have my money for the month why not give me what I pay for. I even got the 5G SIM card and that didn't fix it. Tried 2 other phones and same.. its not the SIM or the phone its the plan!