How do I cancel a prepaid plan?
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Is there a way to outright cancel my prepaid account? I am no longer living in the United States, so I have no need to switch plans or transfer numbers. I just want to cancel it. In other areas of the forum, it says that if you do not pay for 90 days, it will simply disappear. That leaves me feeling rather wary, as I do not want to be responsible for paying any negative balance for a phone that I am not using. I tried calling the prepaid customer line, but there were no options available to help me, and I found nothing on the website. 


To sum up, how do I just cancel this plan so I am 100% sure that I will not be stuck with charges down the road??? I am hoping the fact that I linked this to my "My Verizon" account will ensure that I am not liable for any charges incurred because I could not figure out how to cancel outright.

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What you have heard is correct, once the 90 days expire and no money is added to the account the cell is deactived. After 90 days the cell number is also deactive and put back into a pool of numbers after a period of time. So just do not add any more money to your accout and it will be  automatically cancelled.


Call custumer service they must help you with that

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Its a pay as you go plan, if you don't pay you don't go. So just do not add any more money to the account and it will be cancelled.