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Prepaid - Pay as you go clarification

Hi Everyone,

My parents are looking to replace their current prepaid phone, but looking to replace with a plan similar to what they were using before (one that they only have to pay when they use the phone & no daily fee's just to have the phone)

I am looking at the "Pay as you go plans"

Daily PlansPer Minute
Mobile to Mobile Calling*
(with Verizon Wireless customers)
Anytime Minutes*UNLIMITED10¢25¢
Text/Picture Messaging*2¢ / 25¢10¢ / 25¢20¢ / 25¢
Mobile Web99¢ / day99¢ / day99¢ / day

The two questions I have:

1) Would they have to decide if they want the $1.99, $0.99 or $0.00 access fee plan between the 3?

2)  I assume the access fee only gets charged when the phone is used & there is no charge (whatsoever) on the days the phone isn't touched

3)  If someone calls the phone, but nobody answers, does the access fee get charged?


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Re: Prepaid - Pay as you go clarification


1.- yes, they have to select one, but they can change it whenever they like.

2.- they'll be charge the $1.99 or 0.99 only if they make or take one call. After that the calls are unlimited. With the 1.99 it's for any carrier, for .99 only for Verizon, they'll charge $0.10 per  min to other carriers.

They can text (without call) and pay only $0.02 or $0.10 for each made or recieved.

3.- no, if they let it to the voicemail won't be charged. But if they call to retrieve them  they'll be charged with the fee.

Hope it'll helps

Happy New year

Re: Prepaid - Pay as you go clarification

That's helps.  The only question I have left is there a minimum amount you need to add to the account every month or every 3 months?

My parents want the phone only for emergencies, thus they would be lucky to make call once every 3 months


Re: Prepaid - Pay as you go clarification

You can pay 5$ and you have 30 days to expend it. After 30 days you'll have to make other payment.