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Text Messages & Phone Calls

Ok, I am wondering why even if I add contacts to my online profile it still does not show the numbers on my usage page, all the inbound and outbound #s say unknown???  Second, I made 8 previous calls after adding 15 dollars, when I viewed my usage page the next day, only a few of those calls were shown???  Also is there any way i can automatically forward text, (not the actual message) but just the numbers to my online account?  If anyone has a sensible or correct answer please help!

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Re: Text Messages & Phone Calls

With Prepaid accounts only the verizon to verizon numbers will show on your text messages,  as long as they are listed in the other persons contacts as being allowed to show there cell number, you will see the cell number on the return text message and that verizon number will show up on the account number, sometimes it will take time for your messages to show up depending on the amount of volumn of texts and internet service it could take a few days. About forwarding the contacts this is going to be a wild guess and I have never tried it, I just wrote down all my contacts in case I lose them on the cell, but you can go into your contacts and the 1st item on  top says Favorites you could try putting them into favorites and then try to send them to your computer. I have never used the favorites so I don't know how that works, the other thing would be to manually type the contact numbers into a text and send it to your computer.  Maybe someone will come on and have more info for you.