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Yet another Verizon Unleashed question

Hello all.  I have been a Verizon PP user for about 7 years.  Although I've always read this and other Verizon forums, I had to register today to ask a question regarding Verizon Unleashed.  I know that is only offered in Florida and Southern California.  My question is since I live in neither state but know people in both, whats to stop me if I had them purchase one for me, register it and then mail it to me where I live.  I'm happy with my service(7 years) but does Verizon really think this might not happen?  At only $50 for the Pantech Caper it would be worth the risk even if they did find out and bricked the phone.  Your thoughts anyone........ 

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Re: Yet another Verizon Unleashed question

I believe that you would have to use a phone number local to one of those areas.


Other than that, I doubt Verizon cares.  If your friends/family are willing to go to the trouble, and you want to change your number, go for it.

Re: Yet another Verizon Unleashed question
as long as you activate it using say one of your friends address that the zipcode matches up to that area you should have no problems. Verizon wouldn't brick the phone . They have to many accounts to worry about someone saving a few bucks and using a phone in another area. pretty much if you activate it with quailfing zip and area code your peachy