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cheapest plan

I moved into a new place where I had to switch to Verizon. I am on prepaid Moto G I HATE my phone. I am paying $60 a month for a phone that I only use for one phone call every three days that lasts 20 minutes. Is there a cheaper plan than me having to pay $60 for stuff (data, etc) I do not use?

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Re: cheapest plan
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There is likely a lesser plan. I have to ask - - why did you purchase a smartphone that requires data services and addl costs, -  in the first place? Sounds like all you needed was a basic phone.

Re: cheapest plan

I purchased first a HTC one from AT&T last November for a dependable

reliable phone for a 3,000 mile drive out to California. Divorced and now

widowed with no family and broke starting over at almost 60 years of age. I

temporarily rented a room in a run down house with no heat and bad

plumbing. Was eating at soup kitchen. I have a disability so I cannot work.

Then by a miracle I accidentally found a house on a mountainside where the

landlord is charging affordable rent and I was able to move my entire

storage unit with my household belongings into it.  No more storage fee of

$350 a month.

Only AT&T does not work in that area

Only Verizon. Meanwhile, my laptop started dying hardware issues since my

large German Shepherd stood on it while opened.

I now own a new laptop and am hardwired. I have no need for the MiFi I got

Black Friday when I so desperately was looking for a place to live. Verizon

is extremely consumer unfriendly and not lettinge talk to a live person.

All I want is to return the MiFi and exchange that plan for a phone

comparable to what I am used to

Before the HTC One I had a HTV EVO. I am unhappy with this prepaid Moto G.

It is terrible and it never takes you where you want it to go so it is

useless as a smartphone.

Hey, you asked.


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Re: cheapest plan
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first of all Verizon pre-paid smartphone plans start out at $45 a month. Sound like you don't need a smartphone so get a basic phone and get a plan for $35 a month.

Re: cheapest plan
Customer Support

Congratulations on your new home, valjack. We want you to love your device and have reliable and affordable service. Since the Moto G is a smartphone, it will need a smartphone plan. Our Allset Plan is only $45 per month. You can find out the details at  If you're experiencing trouble with your phone or need assistance changing your plan, please dial 888-294-6804 from a number other than your prepaid phone.



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