At a loss with my Galaxy battery Problems. If you can help you are awesome

So about 2 months ago my Galaxy 1's battery got really low but when I plugged it into charge it it said "Use genuine battery only.  Shutting down in 10, 9, 8, ...ect..."

After calmly trying to explain to the phone that the battery it had was the one it had always had, I decided "well it's 1.5 yrs old so it's possible the battery has gone bad."  Got a new battery and it has worked just swell up until now.  Same scenario.  Battery was really low, plugged in the charger (which is the original wall-wart that it came with, has always worked..ect..) and we're back to the use genuine battery only stuff again. 

I am an electronics tech but admit I have very little knowledge of these particular kind of Li-ion batteries.  There are 4 terminals but I know, because of its 3.7V nomimal, that it is only a one cell battery so I was wondering is it still possible the battery can get out of balance somehow when it gets too discharged and cause this issue?  Is there something I can do as far as manually balancing these terminal? Is this balance idea completely wrong anyway? Is there anybody who knows what causes this/how to fix it?  I guess what I ultimately want to know is: What is the phone seeing on this battery that is making it think it's not genuine???? 

I am very frustrated because, as I said earlier, I am just a poor electronics tech and really don't want to pony up another 40 or 50 bucks when this could just happen again and I will be getting a new in August anyway.



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