Beware of Samsung Fascinate software update if your car has Ford SYNC

I recently updated my phone and now I am unable to connect to the SYNC in my car. I tried a master reset of SYNC, the dealer even upgraded it to be the most current version available. There is a new update coming from Ford in the 1st quarter of '12 but for now, the phone will not repair with the phone. Verizon said it is a software issue with the upgrade and transferred me to Samsung. They told me they can't possibly check every system for compatibilty issues when a change is made to the bluetooth feature in their software. They were of NO help and didn't really seem to care. Going back to Ford on Monday to see what they say. Anyone have any ideas?

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Sorry you are having problems with Sync and your Fascinate, I have 2 Fascinates; I updated mine to Gingerbread, not my wife's. My wife has a 2009 Ford Flex with Sync and whatever software came with it back in late '08 when we bought it. My wife uses Sync a lot I don't. I just went out and paired my Gingerbread Fascinate to Sync, tested  and it worked fine, no problems. It makes and receives call, downloaded phonebook and have my wife's phone set as primary.


I have no idea why yours don't work but unless Sync. has changed since we bought our vehicle I don't think the problem lies with Sync. as a matter of fact my Flex is now communicating with both Froyo & Gingerbread, makes and receives call. I know this information doesn't solve the problem but it may at least exclude Sync. as the source of problem.


One more thing, I had to read the Sync book that came with the car to figure out how to do all this. I was not able to do it from memory.