Considering exchanging a Fascinate for a Curve 8530

Just upgraded to a Blackberry Curve 8530, but I've seen the new Fascinate and I'm thinking changing equipment.  The other day, though, I looked a the Fascinate in a local store and I was impressed by how well I could type on the virtual keyboard when the device is held lengthwise.  I like the large screen - easier for Internet browsing and reading PDF files.


The Verizon comparison indicates that it doesn't support mobile broadband (tethering), which is a feature I use regularly with my Blackberry.  Is this correct?  I was told that an upgrade to the Droid OS introducing this capability.  I'd have to have tethering capability or the Fascinate would not be an option.


I appreciate everyone's help.

Re: Considering exchanging a Fascinate for a Curve 8530
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It has the 2GB Mobile Hotspot feature for $20. MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot (tethered via USB cable to the PC)