Defer or Reject Froyo??

On a quick whim I began the download for Froyo, knowing it's what everyone has been fussing about and waiting for. However, this took forever - an hour later I went to bed and it was only at 18% (on the charger!). Now I'm having second thougths. I really don't  need the new applications and was getting about 2 days without a charge. I don't want my apps to change and don't want any of the problems listed.  I haven't INSTALLED, and it's asking me to defer or reject..does anyone know what will happen if I reject the install???  Have I used up memory, could I install later if I choose? I started with an iphone after 6 hours of tech support over the course of a week, I took it back (couldn't sync with itunes) and got this phone, which I love!!  can't tolerate any more tech issues!!  anyone know about getting out of this download..opinions about battery life, etc. I also have my music on the SD card..don't want issues with that either.


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Hello wwallen49. If you decide to reject the update you will not be forced to complete at a later date. A portion the update was completed, so you have used some memory.


Completing or not completing the update will not effect the music or any other files on your SD Card. You have the option to move the SD Card while completing download. 




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