Email problems

I got the Nexus on the day it came out. I love all the fancy features but am having nothing but trouble with the basics.


I have two different POP email accounts. I used to get email for both on my blackberry (leaving messages on the server, so I can review file/study etc on my computer). This worked fine over many years on 4 different blackberries. On the nexus I appear to get only 20 % of my emails, if that. The rest NEVER show up! Verizon tech support was absolutley no help. They simply wanted me to delete the emails and settings and start all over. Then they said they would text me two links, in two separate messages. The links never arrived, this was 28 hours ago!


Also it does not appear to downlaod all messages to the local device. When i get to the botoom of the stack, it appears to want to go to the cloud to get the rest of the messages. This sucks since I may be in an area where I  don't have access to the cloud. The old way, I could read the message on my device. The nexus has 100 times more ram than my old blackberry but does appear to want to hold any RAM for email.


I often get a message that says "connection not available" when i want to read the email.


I have email set to downloadcheck every 5 minutes, tried other longer settings and it did not help.


Is someone


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