Facebook Messages won't update!

I have a bunch of friends from out of town who are planning a Christmas Party. I get the alert that a new message has been sent to my facebook account. When I go onto my Facebook App, and click on "messages," it shows messages from the specific thread from the beginning of the thread (which has been going since early December). I try and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the most updated message, but it won't show anything past December 7th. (The first 30 messages of the thread).


Any idea how I can get the most updated messages in each thread?


I appreciate the help!

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I have provided some information below that may help.

Step 1 – Logout of the Facebook application.

-Open the Facebook Application

-Press Menu

-Select Logout

Step 2 – Try resetting the Facebook application (clear data)

From a home screen, select Applications.
Select Settings.
Select Applications.
Select Manage applications.
Select Facebook
Select Clear data.
Select OK.

Step 3 – Remove the Facebook account

-Press Menu
-Select Settings
-Select Accounts
-Long press Facebook and remove.

Step 4 – Add the Facebook account back.

Step 5 – Log back in
***Allow it time to re-sync

Step 6 – Try to update the feeds.