Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 update
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Why is it that we are not allowed to discuss the perfectly legal practice of r**ting and fl***ing a R*M on this forum when it is the only way that we, as Galaxy Nexus owners, can have the latest OS version that we were promised by Verizon Wireless at the time of purchase.  After all, we are months and 3/4 updates behind all other carrier and unlocked Galaxy Nexus owners.  Since Verizon will not even acknowledge that there might even be an "official" OTA update in the works from Verizon.  It seems like that is the only choice that concerned owners of this phone have if they want what they were promiced.

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The you agreed to when registering to post on this forum states, in part:

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There are numerous forums to discuss this subject; the Verizon community forum is NOT one of them.

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