HATE, HATE, HATE MY Fascinate Phone

I know there are many of you out there that have the same issues that I have.  Just to make me feel better I want to get it out and post all of the issues I am having.....   

Screen/phone freezes.  Screen pixles and turns grees

Dropped calls - phone turned off in the middle of a call and would not turn back on for 10 minutes,  (No battery was not low)

Battery life = non-existent.  I keep all applications turned off and the phone lasts 3/4 day before the battery shows low

Have to manually push to receive my emails

Missed calls- phone doesn't ring at all and then does not show a missed call

Have had 3 replacements since I purchased this phone.  It's the worst money I ever spent on a phone.  Should have stayed with my blackberry a little longer.


Verizon changed their upgrade policy since I purchased this phone.   Now I'm in the term for 12 mos (account owner and business phone) but now they tell me its 20 mos before I can receive an upgrade,  But I can always pay full price and get a new phone now.  Haha  or use my aircard upgrade.  Yes my aircard does work, however it's not even a 3g aircard capab;e/  Great option, new phone that works, with an outdated aircard for computer.......   Wow, such choices I have.....   I know it's just ranting.... but I feel if I rant, then others that have less problems than I feel lucky.  Others with my same problems, feel like they are not alone.   After countless hours and trials with tech support, I am in no better of a situration that I was in the first month that I purchased my phone.  Samsung really flubbed it with the production of this one.....

Re: HATE, HATE, HATE MY Fascinate Phone

I couldn't agree more. When I first purchased this phone I loved it, but after less than a year, this phone truly sucks. The phone freezes constantly, after powering off the phone I cannot get it to turn back on, it takes numerous screen shots, and now I cannot establish an internet connection. This phone is terrible, I cannot upgrade for another 14 months without paying full price for a new phone. Honestly thinking of just switching carriers. It would make my life a lot easier and would have better support when issues arise. Unfortunately Verizon has always lacked customer service. I should have stayed gone, but when Alltel went out of service I was forced back to them. Looks like I'll be switching to Sprint at the end of this billing cycle.