Has anyone out there been charged for texts that were hung up and sent thousands of times?

I just wanted to know how many others out there may have had text/billing issues like mine, and then had to fight the useless battle of trying to get help from Verizon's Customer Service group.  Let me tell you my story.  One evening I came home, and sent a text to a friend who was visiting a dying friend.  I sent the text ONE time.  Then later in the evening, I tried to send more texts and phone calls, but I kept getting a message that I wasn't connected to the network.  For most of the night, I was unable to place a call or send another text.  I did manage to get/send (don't remember which) one call, then it started all over again.  When I wen to bed that night after shutting it down several times, my phone was still useless.  The next am my friend sends me a text that he had gotten the text about 250+ times.  I shut the phone down for a while, but then he sent another one saying he had gotten it around 3000 times.  Well, I get my bill for the month and low and behold they charged me over $150.00 EXTRA for all these texts.  I only had 1500 on my plan.  Of course, it my history with Verizon, i had never sent over 3000 texts before, so they can clearly see my volume history.  I placed a call to get this resolved and was told that, of course, no supervisor was available, but he saw what happened, assured me that he would get this taken care of, but just needed to get with his supervisor and would call me the next day.  NEVER GOT A RETURN call.  I placed yet another call and spoke to a guy named Dwayne.  He did call me back, but just to leave me a voice mail letting me know that they deemed the charges to be valid and they would NOT be issuing a credit.  TWO more calls later, I have spoken to 3 different reps-1 who claimed to be a supervisor.  I was promised 2 more times that I would get a call back by the next day and of course have still not received calls back from any of these people.  In the meantime, I paid the portion of my bill that was VAILID.  After wasting ALL MY TIME trying to get this resolved, what did I get today?  A text warning me to pay my bill to avoid interuption!

Anyone else had this problem?  I just filed a complaint with the FCC and I urge anyone else that has had this problem to do the same!!!  Verizon needs to hear that people are sick of this poor service and shady billing practices!

Re: Has anyone out there been charged for texts that were hung up and sent thousands of times?

I haven't seen any one reported issues like this but have you checked that your device isn't part of the issue because I have ran into a issue with my message saying it wasn't sent but it did but never the number of times you have experienced..

Now as for the billing situation this may be a little bit hard to give you a solution, I know this may not be the solution you want but you may have to simply keep trying to see if you can get a workable solution for your situation.